Traditional sausages Continental sausages
Toulouse (GF)
Old English Chorizo (GF)
Farmhouse (Gluten Free) Italian with Fennel (GF)
Cumberland Italian with Basil & Garlic (GF)
Lincolnshire Italian spicy (GF)
Just Pork Mexican chorizo
Pork and Lamb sausages
Pork and leek Lamb, garlic and rosemary
Pork and apple Mediterranean Lamb (GF)
Pork and Garlic Minted lamb
Pork and Jalapeno Lamb Basil and Tomato
Pork honey and mustard Merguez (GF)
Pork honey and thyme  
Pork and Stilton Beef sausasges
Pork lemon & ginger  
Pork, basil and Tomato Smokey Beef
Pork and ale Beef and Stout
Smoked pork, red onion & garlic Beef, mustard & horseradish
Pork, pear and stilton Steak and Onion (GF)
Pea & ham Boerewors (GF)
Pork and Marmite Garlic boerewors (GF)
Bratwurst (GF) Piri-piri boerewors (GF)
Smoked bacon & maple syrup Cheese boerewors (GF)
Chicken sausages Game sausages
Chicken, Apricot & Tarragon(GF) Venison with red wine
Chicken, Lemon & coriander (GF) Duck and orange
Smoked chicken, basil & shallots(GF) Wild boar & forest fruits
Chicken Kiev (GF) Guineau fowl and ginger
Chicken curry  

When you buy a Brighton Sausage Co. sausage you know exactly what you are getting. We only use lean pork shoulder and back fat which guarantees our sausages have succulence and full-on flavour everytime.No scraps, no gristle- sausages you can trust.